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Comic Hero Cosplay Capes are Popular

We live in the age of Thor. A generation ago superhero lore was treated as the realm of the losers. If you happened to enjoy fiction, you could consider a social life an unattainable item that would have to wait until adulthood. Not anymore. Nowadays, comic book culture is trending. For this reason, costume capes are popular once again. Children and grown-ups alike can boast capes whenever without being shamed!

Pre-Columbian Cosplay: How to do it Right

Aztec costumes are very popular among both adults and children, they are designed for the conventional aspect of the costume. They feature bold colors and are reminiscent of Spanish history. Often children will love wearing a belt around their waist, because that’s where they had to carry the slings and arrows. They may prefer this idea since they don’t really wear straps any more and it’s still an old concept. Aztec outfits come in various sizes and styles and can be found at many specialty shops.